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Jumping right in!


This is the first post on my new blog. As an avid reader and a work-in-progress writer, I’m happy to share some exciting news. After years of writing historical romances, I’ve strayed into a new genre.

I can now add a cozy mystery writer to my resume. Last summer I tested the waters to see what I thought, and I fell in love. Switching to writing from the third person to the first person was a challenge at first, but I found I could be so much more creative.

I’m working on two three-book series. The first book in Ghost Town Mysteries will come out this summer. I’m so thrilled to be working with Gemma Halliday Publishing to create this fun new trio of stories set in a ghost town. It has allowed me to create combine my Old West knowledge with a modern-day setting.\

I hope you'll stop by often to find out about fun contests, prizes, and more news.

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